Grown For Flavor

Handcrafted quality within small bloom rooms goes a long way in ensuring that our hand trimmed cannabis is rich in high terpene levels for a complete experience coupled with exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects for body and mind. We focus on bringing out the most valuable qualities of each cannabis strain explaining why we take knowledge of new cultivation techniques and innovations with the seriousness it deserves.


You will agree that a lot of people out there are still in the dark when it comes to cannabis, right? Hazy Hill Farm is not blind to this fact and it is on this basis that we can't help but engage the community by promoting cannabis education, an initiative that has yielded positive results that help support responsible use by our patients. We fervently support cannabis legalization as well, and ensure that we are in compliance with all city regulations and state laws while at it. To crown it all, you will be glad to know that we are at the forefront in terms of supporting local charities and our local community.