Category : Hybrid

With Chemdog and SFV OG as your parents its no wonder that Motorbreath 15 has become a staple strain throughout the cannabis industry. The smell of the Motorbreath is indeed gassy as the name implies but writing it off as just another “fuely” strain wouldn’t be fair. Notes of pine, earth and chem can all be  experienced as well as a subtle sweet skunk finish that makes this strain an absolute pleasure on the palette. This Indica dominant hybrid bred by Pisces Genetics, consistently tests high for THC and is a great strain for pain relief or just relaxing and socializing with friends. Expect bright green dense nugs coated with trichomes with thick orange pistils adorning swollen calyxes. Hazy Hill Farms was proud to take home 1st place in the Highest THC category with Motorbreath 15 at the 2018 High 95 Cup. 


Category : Indica

With massive THC levels (up to 29%), Kosher Kush bred by DNA Genetics is a hard hitting relaxant and sedative that wows even veteran connoisseurs. Its intense aroma and flavor profile of kush and fuel is what makes this strain so desirable and delectable. It therefore comes as no surprise that most users term it as “the planet’s tastiest smoke”, thanks to its earthy and sweet notes blended with pine and citrus.

Kosher Kush is a favorite among medical marijuana prescribers as it’s an anxiolytic that calms the senses and nerves of highly agitated individuals. Thanks to its narcotic effect, this is a great option for night time use. This strain also comes in handy in treating fibromyalgia, shingles and multiple sclerosis.


Category : Indica

Unleashing a punch with even the smallest hit, it’s easy to understand why GG#4 bred by Jonesy Whales is so popular. With up to 26% of THC, “potent” is simply an understatement when referring to Gorilla Glue, making it a classic like sour diesel or OG Kush.

There is more to Original Glue than being a remarkable Indica. Thanks to her aromatic trichromes, this strain boasts of an exceptional flavor that couples earthy, coffee notes with pine and chocolate tones. Bred from Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sister, Gorilla is the silver bullet that helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Category : Hybrid

Expect olive green buds with showy amber pistils coupled with purple hues spread throughout the flower after opening your Do-Si-Dos jar. As if warning you of the highly-potent natu, trichomes give these dense buds a frosty look. The roots of this soothing indica-hybrid trace back to two parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Face Off OG bred together by Archive Seeds. With a parent strain like GSC, you know that you’re in for a sweet, doughy treat up front but Do-Si-Do\'s adds some fresh soil and nut undertones on the back end. The Face Off Og gives the buds a little more size and potency to the GSC. If you like Cookie crosses you\'ll be sure to love Do-Si-Dos.


Category : Hybrid

StarDawg bred by Top Dawg Genetics is all gas and no brakes!!! This sativa dominate hybrid will help you enhance your day and keep you coming back for more. This combination between renowned Tres Dawg and Chemdawg 4, makes StarDawg a dream plant for connoisseurs who love Diesel and Chem cultivars. The name tells it all, with reference to the bright star-like trichomes. StarDawg\'s gassy aroma stands out with hints of pine and earthy undertones and a racy, cerebral high combined with a strong body buzz.


Category : Hybrid

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) bred by Capulator was our winner for best flower at the High95 Cup in 2018 and the Judges Choice at the Mota Cup in 2019. By far our most popular strain, this magnificent plant is a cross between Alien Cookies and a choice hybrid of Starfighter and Colombian. The combination to say the least is out of this world. MAC boasts of smooth flavors which tastes like berries, sweet tarts as well as hints of vanilla and citrus. Miracle Alien Cookies is perfect for treating insomnia, appetite loss, aches, stress, and depression. These sumptuous flowers are so coated with trichomes that it is difficult to see the actual bud under the glistening crystals. When its comes to MAC it's love at first sight!


Category : Sativa

Characterized by it's tropical pineapple aroma, Pineapple Fields bred by Dynasty Genetics is one tasty marijuana strain. It is a sativa dominate strain which grows large colorful flowers that any cannabis ethusiast would love. Our cut tests at almost 5% CBG, a very medicinal cannabinoid and typically rare in this strong concentration. CBG has been shown to work as an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and as an antibacterial agent but is non-psychoactive like CBD. Pineapple fields will brighten up your day and leave your mind, body, and palate well satisfied.

Pineapple Fields never disappoints when it comes to energizing the mind, improving focus and mood, alleviating stress, boosting appetite, and inducing an uplifting cerebral high. A combination of Kali Snapple and Ms. Universe #10, this marijuana strain tastes just like pineapple – a sativa lover’s dream - and goes a long way in helping with inflammation, pain and seizures.


Category : Sativa

A mixture of Lime Skunk and The Cube, Mr. Clean bred by Exotic Genetics true to its name smelling like lemon cleaner. Combining a strain celebrated for its cerebral, euphoric, relaxing effect, together with one dominated by a racy but clear-headed buzz offers the best of both worlds.

With a variety of flavors including Jack Herer and lemon haze, Mr. Clean has what it takes to combat hypertension, pain relief, fibromyalgia, nausea, and arthritis. Perfect for your mornings and early afternoons, this Sativa dominant strain will keep you alert and energized. Mr. Clean’s fresh citrus taste and large stinky buds will leave you craving for more!


Category : Indica

Garlic Mushroom Onion, Grandpa’s Mouth Odor, Garlic Cookies call it what you want; this stuff smells foul in all the right ways. Bred by Mamiko seeds and pheno hunted in 2013 by SkunkMasterFlex the actual linage of the cross is Chem D x Forum Cookies. GMO grows very large flowers that are infested with stacked trichomes. They twist and wind around each other and resemble something out of a Dr. Suess book. The trichome coverage is so prolific, you can actually shake the resin heads off the dried flowers and watch them float away like snow. A dream plant for hash makers and hash consumers alike. The plant takes longer to flower then most strains at the farm but when harvest comes you know the wait was worth it. This plant reeks. To some the smell is offensive but for those who know the GMO terpenes are an anomaly in the cannabis world and something to be appreciated and revered. One of the most potent strains we have, our GMO tested @31.48% and won 2nd place in the Strongest THC category at the 2018 High 95 Cup. More recently she won Hazy Hill Farm 2nd place at the 2019 Commonwealth Competition.